Small Grey Outline Pointer Run away.Far away. Run away.Far away.

Me when I see my OTP being cute
i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

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"I’m getting bad again but I’m too tired to care." - (via allhopeisgon-e)

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if you hold an empty gatorade bottle up to your ear you can hear the sports

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"I have absolutely no idea what the fuck I’m doing" - 10 word story about me everyday all of the time (via hazzzzel)

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"I think all the pressure that I put on myself has been paralyzing. When I graduated from high school, a lot of people wrote in my yearbook: ‘You’re going to do great things,’ or ‘I know you’re going to make it big.’ I realized recently that with all the time I spent trying to figure out what my ‘big thing’ was going to be, I passed over a lot of small things that could have really added up. The moment I became content with taking small steps, I started moving forward again."
(Mexico City, Mexico)